Reddot design award winner 2010 12 Volt outdoor lighting
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Discover the many possibilities with Tuli. Design your own Tuli 'outdoor lighting'
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The trend is to be outdoors more and longer.
We like to relax, cook and eat with family and friends in the open air. Coverings, marquees and log cabins are increasingly becoming regular features of our gardens.
Also lounge furniture and even complete outdoor kitchens are now part of life outdoors.

Tuli is winner of the international famous "Reddot Award: Product Design 2010"

Tuli, the 12V lighting concept for outdoors has been designed to create the right ambiance at night and to be functional at the same time. Nice warm light, in the shape of a free-standing upright lamp, table lamp, wall-mounted lamp or a suspended lamp. With a Tuli suspended lamp, you can quite easily bring light to your parasol, tree or sun shade. And the Tuli disc lamps have been specifically designed to shed indirect light on (flower) pots on the terrace, creating an attractive atmosphere.
The free-standing uplight lamps can easily be moved around, and yet, thanks to a smart installation system, they are firmly anchored to the ground. So let the winds blow:
the lamps stay upright and the lamp shades withstand rain, wind and sun without any problem.

With all lighting systems, you can choose from multiple colour frames and the shades are available in various matching patterns and colours. In the catalogue that was supplied you will find all possibilities and applications that will allow you to create the right lighting for your ‘outdoor living’.
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